The Grant Process

Discover How to Apply, Eligibility & More

Moving ME Forward helps others “Give Back the Gift of Health” by funding innovative initiatives that promote sustainable health and fitness changes in our Maine communities.

Common Questions About the Grant Process

Successful applicants will become a local champion of change. Before you apply for a grant, here are questions we often receive from applicants:

Who is Eligible for a Grant?

Students, graduates, and affiliates of Central Maine Community College, as well as nonprofit 501(C)(3) federal tax-exempt organizations.

When Should I Apply?

Our grant application period is open from September 1st through December 31st. Awards for grants will be made by March 1st.

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

Please fill out our Grant Application Form, linked above. Either fill out our online application or download, print, and mail in your application.

What Are Your Funding Priorities?

We require proposals that create social change in the areas of health and fitness, including a component that:

  • Develops/promotes community connections
  • Encourages social responsibility and giving back to the community
  • Addresses ongoing sustainability
  • Are partially funded by in-kind donations

What Should I Submit?

Requests should not exceed $10,000 and should only be for future expenses. Please only send information and materials requested in the grant program application.

Do Awardees Need to Submit Ongoing Documentation?

Yes, all competitive grant program awardees will be required to submit a Project Progress Report. If the grantee fails to submit a report, further funding will be held until the report is filed.

Have Additional Questions About Submitting a Grant Application?

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